Market Day Book Signing

Moscow Farmers Market days are an excellent opportunity to introduce local authors to the community. This event, co-sponsored by the Palouse Writers Guild and BookPeople of Moscow features authors from the Palouse and LC Valley. From 10 AM to 1 PM authors will be on hand, both outside and in the store, to chat with readers and sign their books.

Featured Authors

Al Halsey

When most everyone fawned over prancing, sparkling vampires, Al toiled away writing about zombies. Fantasy zombies, western zombies, zombies and more zombies. To say that zombies are an obsession of his is an understatement. Very few zombie movies have escaped his cadaverous eye.

A lifelong resident of Lewiston, Idaho, Al graduated from Lewiston High School and Lewis-Clark State College. He spent the last 30 years working with children with emotional and behavioral problems and training other professionals to do the same.  In his free time Al trains in martial arts, tells his rescued cats to get off the counter, and consumes large quantities of Thai food unapologetically. Considered by some to be the neighborhood curmudgeon, he wears this title as a badge of honor.

You can catch up with Al on the Al Halsey Author Page on Facebook, or @AlHalsey1 on Twitter.

Al is the author of:
Hellgate, Montana,
Retributor (Hellgate, Montana Book 2)
Salt Lake City (Hellgate, Montana Book 3)
Mists of the Miskatonic,
The Chronicles of Dorian Christianson: Nephilim
Empires of the Dead: Son of the Sea
Kinemortophobia: Zombie Dreams for Sleepless Nights
Fire Team in Zombies Galore
Goddess in Nightmares and Echoes II
Keeping Score in the Dark Bard

Brian Knight

Brian Knight lives in Washington State with his wife and the voices in his head. He has published over a dozen novels and novellas and two short story collections in the horror, dark fantasy, and crime genres. Several of his short stories have received honorable mentions in Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror.

You can learn more about Brian at his website:

Brian is the author of:
Broken Angel
Sex, Death, & Honey
They Call Us Monsters
Dangerous Toys
The Phoenix Girls Trilogy (The Conjuring Glass, The Crimson Brand, Heart of the Phoenix)

Dave Ackley

David grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska and raised a family in Juneau.  His professional career there included both fisheries biometrics and management positions with the state and federal governments. David is now retired and living in northern Idaho, where he began a small business in lutherie – building guitars, Irish bouzoukis, and ukuleles ( While his wife was conducting research during a recent stint in India, he devoted time to trying to improve his Tamil and writing fiction to escape the heat of mid-day. Finding himself unable to multi-task easily, the lutherie business has flagged somewhat while he gets some stories out of his head.  Please visit the Rain and Breeze Books website,, for more information about David and his books.

Dave is the author of:
The Patent Clerk’s Violin

Guy Worthey

Wyoming native Guy Worthey traded spurs and lassos for telescopes and computers when he decided on astrophysics for a day job. Whenever he temporarily escapes the gravitational pull of stars and galaxies, he writes fiction. He lives in Washington state with his violinist wife Diane. He likes cats and dogs and plays keyboards and bass guitar. His favorite food is called creamed eggs on toast, but once in a while he heeds the siren song of chocolate.

Visit with Guy at his website or on twitter @GuyWorthey ‏.

Guy is the author of:
Ace Carroway and the Great War (Adventures of Ace Carroway, Volume 1)
Ace Carroway Around the World (Adventures of Ace Carroway, Volume 2)
Ace Carroway and the Handsome Devil (Adventures of Ace Carroway, Volume 3)
Ace Carroway and the Growling Death (Adventures of Ace Carroway, Volume 4)
Otherworlds: Anthology of Short Fiction

Janet Richards

 Janet Richards is the author of Crossing the River Sorrow, one Nurse’s Story, and Only a ShadowCrossing the River Sorrow received a full review in Publisher’s Weekly Select and and excerpts were included in the American Journal of Nursing Anthology and magazine.  Only A Shadow received a Indy Human Relations Editors Choice Compassion Book of the Year award.  She currently lives in Moscow, Idaho where she is a volunteer for St. Vincent de Paul and a member of Palouse Women Artists.

Janet is the author of:
Crossing the River Sorrow
Only a Shadow

Mark Ready

Mark Ready is a native of the Lewis-Clark Valley and former small business owner.  Proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks, Mark did not begin writing until age 50.  He emphasizes the mystical, the miraculous, and the mysterious in his Hedwig Books, which are set in Europe during the late seventeen hundreds, when science and learning were encroaching on the word of the church.

Mark is the author of:
Hedwig and the Battle for Human Destiny / A Mother’s Love and a Father’s Journey
Hedwig and the Battle for Human Destiny / Hedwig Comes of Age
The St. Nicholas Day Chase

Nate Barham

When he’s not teaching English and Drama at Genesee High School, Nathan writes traditional fantasy in a modern cinematic style. Readers of his series, *Alora’s Tear* should expect swordplay, elves, magical artifacts, a richly detailed world—and on top of it all—characters whose decisions and relationships would carry a story even in blue jeans and a t-shirt in a town you’ve never heard of on a street no one remembers.

Catch up with Nate at his blog  or on twitter @NateBarham.

Nate is the author of:
Fragments (Alora’s Tear, Volume 1)
The Elf and the Arrow (Alora’s Tear, Volume 2)
The Voice like Water (Alora’s Tear, Volume 3)
Circlets and Seekers (Alora’s Tear, Volume 4)

Sanan Kolva

Sanan Kolva is a Pullman native and writer of fantasy. She is the author of The Chosen of the Spears series, an epic fantasy; the Silverline Chronicles, a steampunk-style fantasy; as well as short stories featured in multiple anthologies.

She can be found at

Sanan is the author of:
Shrouded Sky
Thorns in the Shadow
Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and Magic: Where Close Counts
Pulling Up Stakes: A CampCon Anthology
Hoofbeats: Flying with Magical Horses
Steam. And Dragons.

SFCC, Pullman Campus

Students from the SFCC, Pullman Campus will be on hand to sign copies of their latest anthology, Monsters.  This year’s anthology has 16 contributing authors and was just published August 6th!  (If you come to the book signing, you just might be the first lucky person to snag a copy.)  The proceeds from the sales of the book are used to fund future anthologies, conference attendance, and other club activities.

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