Local Authors to Read at Neill Public Library, July 2019

The Palouse Writers Guild and Neill Public Library have teamed up to bring in five local authors who will read from their works and participate in a panel discussion on writing and publishing.  The event will take place in the conference room at Neill Public Library on Thursday, July 25th from 6 PM to 8 PM.  The five participating authors are: Al Halsey, Katherine Sterling, Sanan Kolva, Stuart Scott, and Mark Ready.  The writers’ collective works include adventure, horror, fantasy, paranormal fiction, short stories, and true crime, including tales of crimes committed on the Palouse.  During the first hour of the program, the authors will read from their works, in the second hour they will take questions from the audience.  Be sure to bring your checkbook, this will be a great opportunity to pick up an autographed copy of a book written by a local author!


Al Halsey

When most everyone fawned over prancing, sparkling vampires, Al toiled away writing about zombies. Fantasy zombies, western zombies, zombies and more zombies. To say that zombies are an obsession of his is an understatement. Very few zombie movies have escaped his cadaverous eye.

A lifelong resident of Lewiston, Idaho, Al graduated from Lewiston High School and Lewis-Clark State College. He spent the last 30 years working with children with emotional and behavioral problems and training other professionals to do the same.  In his free time Al trains in martial arts, tells his rescued cats to get off the counter, and consumes large quantities of Thai food unapologetically. Considered by some to be the neighborhood curmudgeon, he wears this title as a badge of honor.

You can catch up with Al on the Al Halsey Author Page on Facebook, or @AlHalsey1 on Twitter.

Al is the author of:
Hellgate, Montana,
Retributor (Hellgate, Montana Book 2)
Salt Lake City (Hellgate, Montana Book 3)
Mists of the Miskatonic,
The Chronicles of Dorian Christianson: Nephilim
Empires of the Dead: Son of the Sea
Kinemortophobia: Zombie Dreams for Sleepless Nights
Fire Team in Zombies Galore
Goddess in Nightmares and Echoes II
Keeping Score in the Dark Bard


Katherine Sterling

Katherine Sterling has been writing stories over three decades. BROWNIE TAKE ME HOME is her first published work. Sterling grew up in Helena, Montana. Her work paints a picture of where her heart lives—in the Old West. She holds a B.A. degree from Fairhaven College, WWU, Bellingham, WA in Writing, Literature, and Women’s Spirituality and holds a M.A. from Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA in Religious Studies. Presently, she lives with her husband John in Moscow, ID. Her love for horses is renowned across family and friend lines since childhood. Writing and family is her life.

Katherine is the author of:
Brownie Take Me Home: An Exceptional Collection of Short Stories


Sanan Kolva

Sanan Kolva is a Pullman native and writer of fantasy. She is the author of The Chosen of the Spears series, an epic fantasy; the Silverline Chronicles, a steampunk-style fantasy; as well as short stories featured in multiple anthologies.

She can be found at http://sanankolva.com.

Sanan is the author of:
Shrouded Sky
Thorns in the Shadow
Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and Magic: Where Close Counts
Pulling Up Stakes: A CampCon Anthology
Hoofbeats: Flying with Magical Horses
Steam. And Dragons.


Stuart Scott

Stuart and his wife, Sue, moved to Moscow, Idaho for his job with the Federal Probation and Parole Service in October 1980.  He founded the Camas Prairie Winery in the fall of 1983 in his garage and ran the winery until he sold it in 2011.  Stu retired from the federal service in Sept 1998.  After retiring, he still worked part-time as a Protective Services Agent and body-guard until 9/11/01. Much of his writing has been influenced by his work in federal law enforcement.  His book, Gritty, Grisly and Greedy: Crimes and Characters Inspired by 20 Years as a Fed includes stories of crimes committed in the Inland Northwest, including some crimes committed here on the Palouse.

Stuart is the author of:
Prisoners of War
Greedy, Grisly and Greedy: Stories inspired by true crooks and crimes from my 20 years as a fed.


Mark Ready

Mark Ready is a native of the Lewis-Clark Valley and former small business owner.  Proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks, Mark did not begin writing until age 50.  He emphasizes the mystical, the miraculous, and the mysterious in his Hedwig Books, which are set in Europe during the late seventeen hundreds, when science and learning were encroaching on the word of the church.


Mark is the author of:
Hedwig and the Battle for Human Destiny / A Mother’s Love and a Father’s Journey
Hedwig and the Battle for Human Destiny / Hedwig Comes of Age
The St. Nicholas Day Chase


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