2022 Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Palouse Writers Guild contests. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all who participated!

Short Story Contest

1st Place
Ivy by Jamie Rich (Sagle, ID)

The Diplopic Truth by Dan David (Pullman, WA)

First Chapter Contest

1st Place
Bay of Secrets by Carrie Stuart Parks (Cataldo, ID)

2nd Place (tie)
Ocean Spray by Dave Aldrich (Los Gatos, CA)
Changing Channels by Kevin Shaub (Kennewick, WA)

3rd Place
The Upbreeder by Khaliela Wright (Potlatch, ID)

Outstanding Young Writer (tie)
Falling Stars by Cienna Kelley (Moscow, ID)
Darkness to Light by Kylee-Ann Kelley (Moscow, ID)

Judges’ Choice Awards
Ocean Spray by Dave Aldrich (Los Gatos, CA)
Changing Channels by Kevin Shaub (Kennewick, WA)
Letters to Lies by Betsy Dickinson (Kennewick, WA)
Lenore by Hannah Rauzi (Grangeville, ID)



  1. Stuart Lauren Scott

    Five of the awards went to writers who do not live in the Palouse? Is there a meaning to the group title: Palouse Writers Guild? Should there be some area limit attached to membership so more encouragement from awards would go to Palouse writers?

  2. Dan David

    I recently picked up the Daily News and noticed the title “Books and Brews, 2023.” My mind wandered back to last year’s festival where I was so graciously given an award for my shot story. Yes, it was only second place, but I’m quite proud of that recognition since I was raised a Kansas cowboy – attending school in a very rural setting, and … well anyway, went on to build an eye clinic in Pullman. It’s been a good life. A blessed life.

    In all honesty I’d not given The Palouse Writers Guild much place in my thoughts over the past year, and that’s not right. I enjoyed the festival so much. My wife and I met up with fellow connoisseurs of the Bitterroot highland, and we reveled in stories of that backcountry.

    I cannot attend this year’s Books and Brews. I regret that. I wish Y’all the best. But, I will put The Guild back in mind and on calendar – it also made me look at your website which is why I’m sending this note. I noticed that the title to my short story is misspelled, as it was on the award, or maybe and more likely misunderstood. ***The title was “The Diplopic Truth.”

    You see, diplopia, is the proper term for double vision (crossed eyes, also known as strabismus or squint) … [Shades of such titles as Catch-22 or Middlesex].

    This story tells of a young physician, Dr. Yancey Lane, who testifies to the etiology of a case of complex adult onset diplopia. His interpretation and reasoning are flawless, but the outcome is a curveball. The diplopia resolves in the last sentence of the story.

    In diplopia there is the image from the “straight eye” and then there is one from the “misaligned eye.” The observer really cannot decipher which one is appropriate – as is the case in Yancey’s testimony. In the end Yancey is the only one who knows his error which he must confess to his wife, himself and God.

    I’ve been there. Life goes on, but with a little more humility … and prayer.

    I hope this allows you to better understand the title and its spelling.

    Daniel D. David, O.D.

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