Strategically Engineer Your Romantic Fiction


As the acknowledged behemoth of the publishing industry, romantic fiction accounted for 1.44 billion dollars of sales, along with one third of all adult mass market fiction sales last year. The romance audience is a voracious one, with many readers devouring multiple books every week. As early adopters to ebooks, the romance audience is open to both digital and self-published books, which makes it attractive to writers. However, while there is great opportunity in this genre, there is also great competition, which makes it difficult for new authors to stand out. This presentation will offer tricks and tips to strategically engineer your romantic fiction to appeal to this massive audience. I’ll cover the tropes and elements that romance readers love. Utilizing favorite tropes, romantic elements, and correct structure can help new writers stand out and connect with readers in a crowded marketplace.

Trish McCallan is the Amazon bestselling author of gritty, action driven romantic suspense. She is a three-time finalist for Romance Writers of America’s RITA award (RWA’s award of excellence) as well as an RWA honor roll alumni for three individual titles, surpassing 100,000 copies sold each. For the past ten years she’s made a good living off a sporadic publishing schedule.


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Workshop: Strategically Engineer your Romantic Fiction for Maximum Sales and Audience Growth
Presenter: Trish McCallan
Date: Saturday, June 18, 2022 at 2:30 pm
Arts Room, 1912 Center, 412 East Third St., Moscow, ID 83843
Registration Period Closes: Friday, June 10, 2022

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