1. The 10 AM slot is already filled! Authors Al Halsey, Guy Worthey, Jeni Leidenfrost, and illustrator Jessica Linn Evans already snapped up that opportunity. If you are an author (or know an author) who wants a spot, you’d better act fast.

  2. khaliela

    Authors Sanan Kolva, Mark Rollins, and Ed Marohn just snagged the 12 PM to 2 PM time slot. If you want to join these authors, act fast, there is only one spot left. The 2 PM to 4 PM time slot is still wide open!

  3. khaliela

    Unfortunately Ed Marohn had to change his plans, so there’s a 12 PM to 2 PM slot open again. Author Timothy Jones from Harvard, just singed up for 2 PM to 4 PM. Looks like we’re going to have a great bunch of authors.

  4. khaliela

    Author Mark Ready just took that last 12 PM to 2 PM slot and children’s author and illustrator Joleen Tietz will be signing in the 2 PM to 4 PM spot. That means we’ve only got two spots left. Get them before they’re gone.


    Worthey has also collaborated with Sonya Bramwell in the publication of the “Otherworlds: Anthology of Short Fiction” last December, also available at BookPeople. It showcases work by emerging and established area writers.


      I’ve great interest in getting my manuscript and rubric back after the contest concludes, but should pandemic conditions persist it may be necessary to forego the event meeting. Can other arrangements be made if it is looking like a problem come June?

      • khaliela

        Right now we are hoping the festival is far enough in the future that it will not be impacted. If the universe conspires against us, the choice is to postpone rather than cancel. No decision will be made until after June 1st. In the meantime, enjoy “Camp Covid-19” and keep writing!

    • khaliela

      Hi Rita–
      Since this is our first time ever holding a contest, we want to make sure we can run one successfully before branching out into other contest. That said, I would like to let you know about an upcoming children’s workshop, “So You Want to Write a Book for Kids: The Ins and Outs of Traditional Children’s Book Publishing.” This workshop is scheduled to run as part of the Palouse Writers Festival, set for June 27, 2020. I hope you will be able to attend. More information about that workshop will be posted as we get closer to the date. Cheers.

  6. Robert Mitchell

    I apologize if I overlooked this. Are self-published novels that have been on the market eligible or is this for unpublished works only?
    Thanks for your time,

    • khaliela

      Hi Robert–
      Good Question! Our intent was for this be to unpublished manuscripts. However, that is not stated in the rules, so published works are allowed. (This year, anyway. Next year, I’ll be sure the rules more clearly state our intent.)

      • Robert Mitchell

        Ah, got it. Thank you very much! And please forgive the second inquiry. I looked at the website and thought the original had disappeared and figured I’d better send another one.

        Thanks again Khaliela,


  7. Matt Edwards

    I did something stupid. I mailed my submission on Saturday and forgot to drop in my check. Can I send a check to catch up to my submission? I read that the 15th was the deadline, as well, to pay online. What can I do? Please help.

  8. Janet Marugg

    I loved the Travel Writing Class, Khaliela — great exercises and discussion. All the way back to Clarkston I saw awakening waves of fields under stampeding clouds. The shadows were stretched into the folds of earth waves like they were exploring lover’s fingers. I’m haunted by who lived in a collapsed building way back when, what were their hopes and dreams, their loves and losses? It was lovely. I emailed Peter to thank him and I sent Brian Beesley Peter’s contact info since they both write about African Peace Corp experiences.

    • khaliela

      We have not set a deadline, but there is limited capacity. The keynote address will be in the Great Room, which seat 100 (I think.) The workshops are in the Arts and Fiske Rooms, which seat 43. We will close registration when the seats are full.

  9. khaliela

    Here is the promised note from Peter:
    I told the group on Saturday that I would send along an essay by Joan Didion called, “On Keeping a Notebook.” It’s a helpful, inspiring story about writing memoir and and standing one’s ground with a remembered story. Here is a pdf link to that essay. If you can forward that to the group, that would be great.

    • khaliela

      Hi Kathy,
      At this times there are no plans to cancel. The City of Moscow is allowing large gatherings, including the Moscow Farmers Market, to resume starting June 6th, provided social distancing guidelines are followed. We are waiting to hear back from the 1912 Center regarding the new guidelines as that will determine how many participants will be allowed per room, seating arrangements, etc. Event registration will be limited accordingly once that information has been received.

  10. khaliela

    I believe I have emailed the works cited page from Jennifer Anderson’s workshop to everyone who attended. If I have somehow missed you, please email me and I’ll send you the file. Thanks!

  11. I hope you are all faring well during these turbulent times. I applaud everyone’s efforts to carry on and continue writing. My physical address (in the Czech Republic) loses significance in this digital age, so I can take the pulse easily of what goes on in Moscow, where I still have roots. I am a professional developmental editor and publisher–award winning, actually, and I have a standard offer to read up to 30 pages of your work and give your feedback, without charge. To take advantage of this offer, send me your pages, double spaced, Times New Roman to And in the meantime, stay well, love each other, and know that your words, well-composed, never have to socially distance themselves from others.

  12. Alex A.

    I just had a question about the two 2021 Contests. Can people submit 2 or more different entries, in the same Contests (2 or more entries in the First Chapter Contest, and 2 or more entries in the Short Story Contest), all by the same writer?

    • khaliela

      Hello Alex,
      Great question. The answer is yes! Last year we had a few people send in multiple entries for our 1st Chapter Contest and we gladly accepted all of them. When submitting multiple entries, that means you also need to pay multiple entry fees. If you submit 3 items, that’s $30, 4 submissions is $40, etc.

  13. Diane Rich

    Is this an annual contest? Is the deadline for 2021 February 15 still?
    Have not received any emails about this, and the website does not appear to updated.
    Thank you!
    Diane Rich

  14. Diane Rich

    Hi, Khaliela –
    With the deadline being on President’s Day, the Post Offices are closed. Will you extend the deadline to February 16?
    My daughter decided to submit a second entry, but we didn’t realize it was a mail holiday today, so we can’t get it mailed until tomorrow.
    Diane Rich

    • khaliela

      Hi Matt,
      The goal is to feature local self-published authors. However, traditionally published authors are not excluded from the event. Like you, many in the community are both self and traditionally published. We welcome all of them with open arms. Everyone interested in participating should submit an application. With social distancing there is limited table space available, so we can’t guarantee everyone will get a spot.

  15. khaliela

    The coupon code for $10 off workshop registration has been sent to anyone who provided an email. If you are a WordPress only follower and did not receive a coupon please contact me. In your message include the WordPress account you registered under and an email address where I can send the coupon code.
    Cheers, Khaliela

  16. Stuart Lauren Scott

    Five of the awards went to writers who do not live in the Palouse? Is there a meaning to the group title: Palouse Writers Guild? Should there be some area limit attached to membership so more encouragement from awards would go to Palouse writers?

  17. Courtney

    I’m a terrible procrastinator and I’m only just now seeing that my ready-to-email manuscript has to be snail mailed. Unfortunately, the Viola post office isn’t staffed (per Google reviews). My husband will be in the Moscow area tomorrow, is there anywhere he can drop off my submission in person?
    He’d take it to the PO Box but it sounds like no one is there to accept it. Thanks!

    • khaliela

      The manuscript needs to be post marked by the 15th, not received by the 15th. Just have him drop it off at the Moscow Post Office–that’s where everyone in Viola has to pick-up our mail anyway.

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